Investment Products

It is a known fact that everyone on this Earth is equal, everyone was made out of the same substance and has the same everyday needs. We all do run into difficulties in our lives, we try to go above and beyond and to watch out for ourselves and others. Unexpected happens, and it is not a rare occasions when our plans go down. It sure does sound familiar to you, doesn't it?

Even being rich beyond the dreams of avarice - it doesn't presuppose uncontainable happiness and everything will be a heaven. For instance, no one is proof against some severe incurable illnesses; or you might lose someone very close to you. It goes without saying that money is not a panacea for all woes. You might say that money is just a piece of paper. No doubt it is hard to survive throughout the life, but there is always help out there in some or the other form. There are numerous health care institutions, improved modern technologies, abundance of revealed useful knowledge that can be used positively, despite all the negative. Surge Funds’ function is to provide for people financially. Having such experience - it is not so hard for us to multiply the funds, and we hope that we’ll be of help for those that really need financial support at this time, and can use it for a good cause. Start being in charge of your life financially, we are here to help!

Please see our Investment Rates and
how they apply

You will receive daily profit from Monday through Friday each day.

You should remember that if our trading day ended up with negative result - you still will receive your daily profit, but in a rate of 0.25% from your plan rate on that day. Funds will be pulled out of our Reserve.

Plan Name Deposit Amount
Min / Max
Daily Ratio Investment Term
SF I $10
0.0025 BTC
0.25 BTC
45% 250 days
SF II $1000
0.25 BTC
1.25 BTC
55% 250 days
SF III $5000
1.25 BTC
7.5 BTC
65% 250 days
SF IV $30000
7.5 BTC
25 BTC
75% 250 days
SF V $100000
25 BTC
75 BTC
85% 250 days
SF VIP $300000
75 BTC
187.5 BTC
95% 250 days

Investment term is 250 days for all investment plans offered. Initial deposit will be returned after plan expiration. Pre-term contract cancellation is available.


1. If company's current value for daily profit is 3.00% and you've deposited $10.000 (which qualifies as SF III Plan), then your profit will end up being 65% of the 3.00%, which makes 65*3.00/100=1.95%, thus you will make $195 for this day.

2. If company's current value for daily profit is negative - 2.00% (hypothetically determined value) and you've deposited $55.000 (which qualifies as SF IV Plan), then your profit will end up being 75% of the 0.25%, which makes 75*0.25/100=0.18%, thus you will make $99 for this day. The 0.25% rate was used in this case according to negative outcome for the trading day, and funds were pulled out of our Reserve.

All the investment plans are derived daily according to our trading activity that you can track and view on our website.

Company remuneration percentage is set to 10% for all investment products offered to our members of SF I to SF V. For members of SF VIP ($300.000+ investment) the remuneration percentage is set to 5%, instead of 10%. That is the way we conduct our activities.

Basically, the more you invest - the more profit you will make

Profit fraction can be viewed in our trading report, it is calculated as 45%, 55%, 65%, 75% and 85% of the total profit. Levels of membership are determined by min. deposit as follows: $10 (SF I), $1.000 (SF II), $5.000 (SF III), $30.000 (SF IV), $100.000 (SF V) and $300.000 (SF VIP), with $10 being the absolute minimum deposit in order to become our investor and start receiving profits.