Frequently Asked Questions


What does Surge Funds represent?

Surge Funds was established in 2017 and now is an online investment entity. It provides numerous investment services, professional financial advice with greatest opportunities for their clients worldwide. Surge Funds is an independent legal entity and fully operational on its own.

Are there any documents available that can prove existence of Surge Funds?

Please refer to "Legal" section on our website concerning this matter.

What is the time frame of your experience in this area?

Since 2009 we've been immersed into trading, investment and estate industry. Helping and supporting biggest and most successful companies has been the turning point to us at the time. However, eventually we have grown into our own entity. And now we are working and doing business offline. At the present, we happily present our online investment opportunities to the whole world.

What's the risk of my investing funds?

Surely, it wouldn’t be right saying that there isn't any risk at all. Every business is exposed into some kind of risk. Surge Funds makes all possible to minimize the risk to nearly minimum possible. We want you rest assured, as we've got enough experience in this field.

How safe is our data and personal information?

We work hard to ensure safety of our members and do our best to provide the most pleasant experience investing with our company, this point is vitally important to us. A few experts permanently keep a close watch on activity on our networks and limit access to your data. All our servers are highly equipped including DDoS protection handled by our specialists. And, surely, SSL Security Certificates is a mandatory, all come with strongest SSL Encryption available.

Do you provide consultation offline also?

Only our highest investors can count on offline consultation. We shall be very glad to provide you with the premium quality consultation for free. We do value your time and effort and we will do the utmost to be of help to you as much as we can. Do not hesitate to contact our support and schedule your consultation.

Could you present your track records or trading results in any form?

Yes, you can monitor our public daily activity. Every user can view daily progress of our investments, on a day by day basis. Nevertheless, our investment strategies and important trading records is proprietary information and is not meant for public eye. If you'd like to view our daily progress, please use Member's area interface - activity will be shown inside the tab "Reports".

What is the size of paying taxes?

In order to make sure that our clients get satisfying and pleasant experience while operating their investments, as it is an important part of our duty, we process all income within the offshore zone, thus eliminating any possible tax obligation.

What is your participant age policy?

We require all participants to be 18 years of age or older.


What is the first step to start?

In order to start investing at Surge Funds - you need to create your own investment account. It is done very easily, and is free. Please go to and click on "Open account".

What payment methods do you accept?

You can fund your account by sending us a payment through one of the e-currency gateways. Currently we accept PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin or Advcash. Credit Cards and Bank Wire transfers are also available.

How do I create and fund e-currency account?

It is done very easily. Simply go to e-currency’s website:,, or, and register your account for free. Please see company's options on funding your e-currency account, or use an independent e-currency exchange service.

Why Electronic Currency?

Using e-currency is fast, profitable, convenient and reliable.

What are the accepted currencies?

We accept USD and BTC as deposit currency.

What is a trading day?

Monday through Friday are considered as trading days. National Holidays and weekends are not included.


How do I register an account at Surge Funds?

Simply go to our main page and click on "Open account". It will take you to the registration page.

How can I change my password?

It is done through your Account Dashboard, by going to "Edit Profile" section, found at the right side of your screen.

I lost my password. How can I reset it?

Please use our "Password Reminder" tool in order to restore your password. It is located on our main page in the "Account Login" menu, at the top right corner.

How can I check my account statistics along with the balance?

Simply log in into your account and all the stats will be shown for you 24/7.

Can I share my log-in details?

We ask our valued Members to always be aware of phishing e-mails. Do not click on any of the suspicious links and immediately delete e-mails of such nature.

What password should I choose?

We strongly recommend using lower case and upper-case letters, for stronger security - please also use special characters and numbers.

How long does it take to fund my balance after payment?

All deposits are reflected instantly, right after you make a payment using your e-currency account. If you ever notice any failure - please contact our support department and one of our representatives will assist you immediately.

I have a positive balance. Can I use it to fund my account?

Yes, simply go to "Make Deposit" section in the Account Dashboard and you will be able to make deposit using available method.

Can I fund my account outside of the Member's area?

No, that will not be possible. Please use "Make Deposit" section for funding.

Do you return my principal investment?

Yes, the principal investment will be returned to you on the maturity date, which means when trading period is over - you receive your principal back.

Payments and Withdrawals

When is the interest reflected on my account balance?

Interest is calculated and credited to your account every trading day.

What interest rate do you offer?

Please refer to our main page "Offers" for investment rates.

How often can I withdraw my profit?

You can withdraw your profit at any time.

How Do I withdraw my profit?

Please go to "Withdraw Funds" section, inside of the Account Dashboard for making withdrawals.

How long does it take for you to process withdrawal?

All payments are made within 24 hours. This is done to exclude cases of fraud.

Can I withdraw my investment before trading period is over?

We strongly recommend that our members keep their investment amount for the full trading period, although under certain circumstances we do make exceptions and are able to release the investment amount before trading period is over. Please contact our support if you'd like to discuss this matter.

How soon will I see profit in my account?

You will start receiving profit the next trading day.

Affiliate/Referral Program

What is an Affiliate Program and how does it work?

Affiliate Program is a system that lets you earn more when you refer someone to our services and person signs up, creates an account and whenever he/she invests - you get co-mission from that.
When someone signs up by your referral directly and you earn co-mission from their investments – 7%.

Would it be necessary for me to make a deposit?

No, you are not required to make any deposits in order to participate in referral program. Feel free to promote your referral link and make co-mission when users sign up and invest.

Where can I get my referral link?

Please click on "Affiliate Program" at the right side of your Account Dashboard, and you will be able to obtain your referral link from there.

How do I receive my referral bonuses?

Our system calculates your co-mission automatically and reflects it on your balance.

When am I allowed to withdraw my co-mission bonuses?

We allow our members to withdraw earned co-mission any time they want, as soon as you earn - please feel free to make withdrawal onto your e-currency account.

Are there any limits to referral co-mission?

There aren't any limits. Your referrals are able to deposit any amounts. Co-mission will be calculated and added to your balance according to the level of percentage.

I would like to place your banner on the website that I own.

Banners can be found inside of "Affiliate Program" tab.

Can I refer myself?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot, it is considered as cheating. The main purpose of our referral program is to draw more traffic to our website and build membership.

Can I become your regional representative?

Yes, you can become our regional representative in your country and get 20% of each attracted investor, you do not need to have an active deposit. You need to attract 3 or more active investors. After that you should go to the menu "Apply representative" in the Account Dashboard and fill out the application form and after that you will get the status of a regional representative.